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The Tomlinson Family:

Also born in this place:


WILLS - Full transcripts of the following can be provided here:

Hannah REDMAYNE,   1864

Eli STANDEN,   Abt 1845

Margaret STANDEN,   Abt 1828

Richard STANDEN,   Abt 1849

Thomas STANDEN,   Abt 1836

Walter STANDEN,   Abt 1843

Alfred TOMLINSON,  Abt 1884

Alfred Powell TOMLINSON,   Abt 1864

Betsy TOMLINSON,   Abt 1841

Frederick TOMLINSON,   Abt 1846

Frederick Walter TOMLINSON,   Abt 1860

James Thomas TOMLINSON,   Abt 1850

Joseph TOMLINSON,   Abt 1844

Joseph William TOMLINSON,   Abt 1859

Mabel E TOMLINSON,   Abt 1879

Susannah TOMLINSON,   Abt 1836

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The town of Clitheroe is famous for its Norman castle, said to have one of the smallest keeps in Britain.